4-й Блок – Музей плаката

Открылась первая выставка программы триеннале “4-й Блок” – Музей плаката!

Боря Филоненко, куратор выставки, в небольшой, но уютной галерее COME IN  создал площадку для дискуссии на тему: “Нужен ли городу музей плаката?”

На выставка представлено всего чуть больше 30 плакатов, зато весь срез: от первых, (1991 г.) отпечатанных на серенькой газетной бумаге из советских запасов, до шикарной типографии на “золоте” и “серебре”. От неизвестных авторов, до гениев японского дизайна.

Выставка открыта до 2 мая. Приходите подискутировать!


The first exhibition of the program of the triennial “The 4th Block” – The Poster Museum! Curator of the exhibition: Borys Filonenko.
In a small but cozy  COME IN gallery, he created a platform for discussion which topic is: “Does the city need a poster museum?”

There are only a little more than 30 posters on that exhibition, but the entire cut comes from the first (1991) printed on the gray-newsprint  “Soviet stocks” paper, to the chic printing house on “gold” and “silver” ones.  Posters designed from unknown authors to geniuses of Japanese design.

The exhibition is open until May, 2
Come on in and let’s watch and discuss!


Shut up! Voice of democracy in danger



Dear friend!
We invite you to participate in the poster campaign curated by Mykola Kovalenko. Posters can be sent to email: shutupdesigners@gmail.com until 30 April.

27 years old journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancee Martina Kusnirova were murdered on February 25 in Slovakia in their own house.

His last article which he was preparing for Aktuality.sk was about tax frauds and it exposed mafia connections to the highest Slovak government representatives. This incident initiated huge demonstrations not only in Bratislava and whole Slovakia but also in other foreign cities. We are calling on the designers’ community to create a poster themed SHUT UP! Voice of democracy in danger Artwork selected by a committee will be published online, and the best ones will be presented at an exhibition in Bratislava. Artwork specification: vertical format, JPG with 800 pixels on a longer side, sent to shutupdesigners@gmail.com

Deadline: April 30, 2018

Supported by Respect APP





April 21–22, 2018  |   First in our history  |  The 4th Block Hackathon

Registration is open >>

APPROACH: “The 4th Block” hackathon focuses on innovations in urban infrastructure, responsible consumption technologies and ideas of new solutions for the environmental issues and sustainable development
THE RESULT: A working prototype of service or application ready to be presented to a jury or potential investors



Nominations 2018


1. Woman / Peace
Posters which are dedicated to peace as a necessary condition for life of a human being. Peace and ecology are essential parts of the harmonic world. It’s a basis needed for every society to develop and to create something beautiful in the end. We don’t want war — we want peace!

2. Children / Hope
Posters which are dedicated to children as the future of mankind. Posters introducing eco-thinking to the young audience, Posters encouraging adults to care.

3. Cats))) Love
Posters reflecting the beauty of the surrounding world, humanity, and kindness, calling for coexistence and caring attitude of human
to the remains of living nature in urbanized spaces of modern habitat.

4. Special Project ART OF DATA
For the first time during the triennial, there will be held a 48-hour «Hackathon». Designers and IT specialists are invited to joint projects on environmental and social issues: interaction between human and nature, citizens and urban environment.

Posters for the exhibition will be accepted as in a traditional way of printed (paper version) and animated posters as well (electronic files designed to be shown through media-Inter- net, plasma screens, projector).

More info >