4-й Блок – Музей плаката

Открылась первая выставка программы триеннале “4-й Блок” – Музей плаката!

Боря Филоненко, куратор выставки, в небольшой, но уютной галерее COME IN  создал площадку для дискуссии на тему: “Нужен ли городу музей плаката?”

На выставка представлено всего чуть больше 30 плакатов, зато весь срез: от первых, (1991 г.) отпечатанных на серенькой газетной бумаге из советских запасов, до шикарной типографии на “золоте” и “серебре”. От неизвестных авторов, до гениев японского дизайна.

Выставка открыта до 2 мая. Приходите подискутировать!


The first exhibition of the program of the triennial “The 4th Block” – The Poster Museum! Curator of the exhibition: Borys Filonenko.
In a small but cozy  COME IN gallery, he created a platform for discussion which topic is: “Does the city need a poster museum?”

There are only a little more than 30 posters on that exhibition, but the entire cut comes from the first (1991) printed on the gray-newsprint  “Soviet stocks” paper, to the chic printing house on “gold” and “silver” ones.  Posters designed from unknown authors to geniuses of Japanese design.

The exhibition is open until May, 2
Come on in and let’s watch and discuss!





April 21–22, 2018  |   First in our history  |  The 4th Block Hackathon

Registration is open >>

APPROACH: “The 4th Block” hackathon focuses on innovations in urban infrastructure, responsible consumption technologies and ideas of new solutions for the environmental issues and sustainable development
THE RESULT: A working prototype of service or application ready to be presented to a jury or potential investors